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#377 fixed Commit diffs in pony zephyrs adehnert

The pony git repo should use a more modern fork of snippets' commit hook to zephyr commit bodies too.

#372 fixed Document hostname request approval policy adehnert

We have a three-prong test for hostname approval that we seem to have standardized. We should document it, if not in the FAQ then in /mit/scripts/doc/tickets/cnames.txt for our contributors.

#371 fixed SMTP should be checked on a realserver properly achernya

Currently, the directors check port 25 on each machine to see if postfix is running. This is bad, since it means we can't nolvs a machine and prevent it from also handling mail. Mitch wrote patches a few years ago that use the nagios ldap check and provide the smtp service that heartbeat can ping. This allows us to nolvs a machine and have it drop out of all services, meaning we can temporarily take a wedged machine out of the pool for debugging.

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