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#90 fixed Upgrade SNI patch mitchb andersk
Description was updated 2009-04-08, so we should update our patched httpd.

#95 fixed Onserver scripts hard-code deploy directory ezyang

All of the onserver scripts for autoinstallers hardcode the deploy directory:

use strict;
use lib "/mit/scripts/deploy/bin";
use onserver;

As a result, scriptsdev=dev doesn't result in deploydev being used.

Fix is somewhat unclear. Can we make Perl read out of the directory the script lives in?

#96 fixed will fail to find new-style autoinstalls ezyang

New style autoinstalls will not have .scripts-version files in them; instead, they will have a .git directory in them. Parallel find should be updated for this fact. It's unclear if the presence of .git is enough information to say conclusively if it's an autoinstall.

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