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#208 fixed We deleted the known_hosts file achernya geofft

And so autoinstalls prompt about host keys. We should fix this.

#221 fixed Put the apt repo signing key somewhere reasonable adehnert

At the moment, achernya has the apt repo signing key on his laptop. We should put it somewhere more useful.

See discussion 2011-09-09 on -c scripts -i apt.

  1. Stick it in the locker
    1. Unencrypted (protected by AFS ACLs to scripts-root)
    2. Encrypted to maintainer's keys
  2. Stick it on the hosts
  3. Stick it on the Fedora guests
  4. Stick it on some build VM or server
    1. scripts-owned hardware in SMR
    2. Shared (eg, zulu/magrathea)
  5. Something else
  6. Have each maintainer store it themselves

(3) is a bit silly. Other than that, I think they were all vaguely acceptable. One concern is whether a signed repo with a leaked key is worse than an unsigned repo (if it isn't, then being insecure is vaguely okay). (4) should ideally avoid having a single un-backed-up VM that needs to not vanish, by storing the key elsewhere.

#243 fixed Pony should query Moira lfaraone ezyang

This would let it not send a request for hostnames which are reserved but not active. May require pymoira to be packaged.

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