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#88 fixed Better subversion error messages andersk

(From #821565.)

We need to return a better error message when ldapize can’t find the vhost:

$ svn log svn://
svn: Malformed network data
#89 fixed @reboot cron jobs sometimes start before afsagent gets tokens geofft

Users' @reboot cron jobs, which often depend on being able to get stuff out of AFS, tend to race with afsagent getting tokens in an @reboot cron job. This is dumb, and we should make sure afsagent gets tokens before cron (or really, anything else that might want AFS) comes up. Quentin suggested doing this in AFS's initscript; we could also add another initscript.

#95 fixed Onserver scripts hard-code deploy directory ezyang

All of the onserver scripts for autoinstallers hardcode the deploy directory:

use strict;
use lib "/mit/scripts/deploy/bin";
use onserver;

As a result, scriptsdev=dev doesn't result in deploydev being used.

Fix is somewhat unclear. Can we make Perl read out of the directory the script lives in?

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