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#197 fixed Making setting up the git smart HTTP server easy adehnert

At the moment, we support read/write SVN repos and read-only git hosting ( We should add support for read/write git hosting, because svn is lame.

#206 fixed We forgot to keep disabling new PHP extensions andersk
[root@busy-beaver ~]# svn stat /etc/php.d | grep -v '\.rpmnew$'
?       /etc/php.d/fileinfo.ini
?       /etc/php.d/sqlite3.ini
?       /etc/php.d/phar.ini

We should consider disabling these for F15, and add a step to that effect to the install instructions.

#207 fixed /etc/rc.d/rc.local is not executable andersk

So we’ve been failing to execute /etc/rc.d/rc.local for who knows how long. We should either delete it from svn and install the stock upstream version on existing servers, or make it executable in both.

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