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#267 fixed AFS sysname is wrong ezyang

sysconfig doesn't seem to be getting run, so we're not running 'fs sysname' at boot up. Maybe fix this in rc.local? Alternatively fix up our packaged .unit file.

#426 fixed Add Webfont Extensions to the Static Whitelist leee pweaver

Some web-fonts are not whitelisted breaking common web frameworks like bootstrap and confusing users.

The webfont extensions missing are: .woff .woff2 .otf .eot .ttf

#186 fixed Add a knob for disabling LDAP signups ezyang

From zephyr:

-> scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:29  (Bad Netscape!  No cookie!)                                                      
       One right way to do it would probably be to have a flag there that           
       gets passed as part of the signup wget's URL, and modify the backend         
       that runs on the servers to treat the flag as a "verify only, don't      
       create if not yet existent" setting, so that it would still report                                                                        
       that current users are signed up, but bail on new signups.

   scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:30  (This UI has been brought to you by the letters 'S' and 'K', and the runlevel 3.)                            
       Another way to do it might be to have an /etc/nosignup that the                                                                           
       backend obeys, and do nothing with the locker script

-> scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:30  (recursive mutex enter?  fsck that!)                 
       Not sure what I think is best.  The latter gives you per-server                                               
       controllability, the former global. 

   scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:31  (Yum, this spam is fresh!)                                                                                   
       Or we could put a flag file in the locker for global control without                                                                      
       editing the script.  *shrug*  Design choices.
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