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#259 fixed RT tickets opened with CCs do not send correspondence to those CCs mitchb

We recently added a scrip in use by some of IS&T that adds people CC'd on initial ticket-creating mail as CCs on the ticket. The intent was to have future correspondence not drop them from the loop. Unfortunately, because our Correspondence template clobbers CCs and our Comment template clobbers Tos (same problem that thwarts new people filing hostname requests manually), those ticket CCs will never receive the correspondence.

#279 fixed Renumber local users on Scripts servers elefthei achernya

As of Fedora 16, user accounts start at UID/GID 1000 instead of 500. We need to check for any programs that make assumptions about UIDs and GIDs and correct them. See for more details.

#117 fixed Review and deploy Haskell static-cat andersk

A Haskell version static-cat has been written, benchmarked, packaged, and tested on b-b, so it’s blocking on review.

It adds support for Content-Encoding, If-Modified-Since, Range, If-Range, and REQUEST_METHOD. It should be easy to extend into a solution for the static content half of #60, at which point it could also support FastCGI with a two-line change if we decide we want that. Also, it has teh monadz.

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