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#9 fixed Make older Python 2.4 also work on scripts broder

Python 2.4 is needed for some software packages, like Zope.

(Taken from RT #444900)

#12 wontfix Make autoinstaller for LimeSurvey broder
#19 wontfix Subversion autoinstaller broder

"For a while I've had this idea of turning Apache into a FastCGI server, that gets invoked by going to some URL on a parent Apache. This would allow users to run Apache under their own UID with an arbitrary configuration, without putting it on a separate port and worrying about how to make it persistent over server restarts. For example, they could enable mod_dav_svn and host a Subversion repo that way. It would be the ultimate manifestation of the scripts philosophy that you should be able to install and configure whatever the hell you want."

(Taken from RT 457498)

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