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#117 fixed Review and deploy Haskell static-cat andersk

A Haskell version static-cat has been written, benchmarked, packaged, and tested on b-b, so it’s blocking on review.

It adds support for Content-Encoding, If-Modified-Since, Range, If-Range, and REQUEST_METHOD. It should be easy to extend into a solution for the static content half of #60, at which point it could also support FastCGI with a two-line change if we decide we want that. Also, it has teh monadz.

#124 fixed Update or punt phpical autoinstaller adehnert

Our phpical installer is currently version 2.22, which appears to date from July 2006. Version 2.31 was released January 2009. We should either update the autoinstaller or punt it based (if few people use it or we conclude upstream is too stagnant).

phpical also appears to now be phpicalendar, so the autoinstaller should possibly get renamed at the same time.

#125 fixed Set up issue tracking for private Trac tickets andersk

Keeping private issues in memory and secret zephyr classes is lossy. We should set up a private Trac or add a plugin to the existing Trac that lets us keep private tickets.

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