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#191 fixed Pony should let you delete hostnames andersk andersk

Pony should let you delete hostnames, or for *, request deletion.

#186 fixed Add a knob for disabling LDAP signups ezyang

From zephyr:

-> scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:29  (Bad Netscape!  No cookie!)                                                      
       One right way to do it would probably be to have a flag there that           
       gets passed as part of the signup wget's URL, and modify the backend         
       that runs on the servers to treat the flag as a "verify only, don't      
       create if not yet existent" setting, so that it would still report                                                                        
       that current users are signed up, but bail on new signups.

   scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:30  (This UI has been brought to you by the letters 'S' and 'K', and the runlevel 3.)                            
       Another way to do it might be to have an /etc/nosignup that the                                                                           
       backend obeys, and do nothing with the locker script

-> scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:30  (recursive mutex enter?  fsck that!)                 
       Not sure what I think is best.  The latter gives you per-server                                               
       controllability, the former global. 

   scripts / r1723 / mitchb  20:31  (Yum, this spam is fresh!)                                                                                   
       Or we could put a flag file in the locker for global control without                                                                      
       editing the script.  *shrug*  Design choices.
#185 wontfix Find a better replacement for Advanced PHP Guestbook ezyang

In particular, the replacement should have some sort of anti-spam protection.

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