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#295 fixed bash: lspci: command not found ezyang

Due to

Right now, w-e is hot-patched /etc/profile.d/qt-graphicssystem.{csh,sh} to have the fully qualified path to lspci. Alternatives include modifying mbash, removing kde-settings, or just waiting until Fedora fixes it.

#47 fixed autoinstallers should support vhosts geofft andersk

Most of our autoinstallers, in particular Wordpress, break when accessed from a URL that they weren't originally installed at. We should fix them.

#16 invalid auto-installers need better error handling andersk

(Imported from #419862.)


It appears to me that you left the Title field blank in the setup process. (This is the last question, after it finishes uncompressing the installation.) This confused the auto-installer, leaving it in a half-installed state. (The "You have to set the wiki up first!" page should not show up if the auto-installers complete.)

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