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#83 fixed scripts should provide access to python 2.6 mitchb quentin

scripts should provide a python 2.6 that users can choose. Fedora isn't going to ship one until Fedora 11. Here are geofft's notes from RT #793441 about trying to use the python locker's version:

I've installed zlib.i386, but that seems not to have entirely helped, since the C _hashlib implementation doesn't want to play with Fedora (even if I install openssl.i386), and the pure Python hashlib implementation seems broken in the locker. I think the best solution for right now is to get a build of Python 2.6 that works with scripts (e.g., is 64-bit) in the locker; I'll look into this.

I've contacted python@ to ask them about a 64-bit build and will update the ticket here with their reply.

#85 fixed Trac autoinstaller should configure trac.ini properly when using git xavid

Specifically, it should add the line:

gitplugin.* = enabled

to the



#86 fixed Running multiple autoinstalled instances of Trac causes them all to look the same xavid

This is because the trac.fcgis are all symlinks to the same executable, so Apache thinks they're the same script and reuses old processes from one site for the other site. A simple solution is to copy /mit/scripts/deploy/trac/trac.fcgi into place instead of symlinking it.

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