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#174 invalid Nagios plugin to check for different generation ID error message ezyang

Check for the error message:

[23/Sep/2010:15:18:56 -0400] NSMMReplicationPlugin - agmt="cn="GSSAPI
Replication to"" (whole-enchilada:389): Replica has a
different generation ID than the local data.

which indicates something has gone wrong with replication. This message does not appear to be picked up by our existing MMR checks.

Old text: In the nsds50ruv attribute, replication agreements record a "generation ID" which prevents two masters initialized from different sources from attempting to overwrite each other and cause a mess. Unfortunately, this safety mechanism also means that replication doesn't work, and furthermore, while this will result in a lot of spew to the LDAP error log, this won't show up in the usual status field. We should check that all of the replication generations on our servers are consistent.

#178 invalid RT scripts are broken ezyang

/set status=FOO

and similar commands from email don't appear to be working. The zephyr bot might also be dead.

#196 invalid Test ezyang

This is testing attachment emailing

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