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#156 invalid n-f should run our zephyr logger geofft

n-f is our ~stock Fedora machine. While it shouldn't run the scripts config in general, we should know if something funky happens to n-f (not that it's running much of anything, but still), so we should deploy the zephyr logger.

Also, it possibly shouldn't take password logins? There may be some other minimal set of config to take from the scripts web hosts without making it a scripts web host.

#158 invalid send guest consoles to zephyr geofft

Once we resolve #157, it would be cute if we can get guest console output (perhaps starting once the guests have booted up and presented a logini prompt) to get sent to zephyr, so we see things like oopses and OOM kills and panics and other stuff that's indicative of a problem but unlikely to get logged from within the host and successfully reach zephyr that way.

#173 invalid Zephyr messages to ldap error log ezyang

/var/log/dirsrv/slapd-scripts/errors often contains valuable information that will let you know before Nagios starts warning about replication problems. It should get zephyred out.

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