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#115 fixed actively break sudo for users who aren't supposed to geofft

PAM is a good choice here.

So is replacing our uses of sudo internally (like LDAP backups from the scripts locker) with setuid wrappers, and making sudo not setuid a la Linerva. We know what's in /etc/sudoers, so we can do this.

#130 wontfix "MIT Academic Calendar" is out of date geofft

Looks like MIT Academic Calendar.ics in the phpical autoinstaller runs 2003-2007.

Possibly we should make it fetch the latest ICS from the registrar's locker.

#136 fixed PHP 5.3 mysqlnd requires new-style passwords geofft

The servers currently have old_passwords=1 set in the mysqld configuration for compatibility with MySQL 3.x and 4.x clients. The MySQL native driver in PHP 5.3 only knows how to deal with new-style passwords; this will probably bite us hard when we move to PHP 5.3 as part of upgrading to Fedora 13.

We'll need to either figure out if we can do the backward-compatible but insecure hack of making PHP clients able to use old-style passwords (disable the native driver? patch it?), or if we can drop support for MySQL clients that don't support new-style passwords, i.e., 4.0.x and below.

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