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#273 fixed Fedora 17 development ezyang

Things that have been noticed so far:

  • Fedora switched to GPT partition tables by default; turn it off by passing kernel flag 'nogpt'. This is uncommitted on c-o. Ideally, we should just forgo partition tables altogether, which Mitch claims is not too difficult to do, but which I haven't figured out how yet.
  • Xen needs this patch series unfortunately they haven't been backported to Xen 4.0 or Xen 4.1 yet. (We specifically need only patches 2, 4 and 5). The pygrub executable patch is fuzzy, but easy to manually apply. Otherwise you won't be able to boot because the bootloader returns no data. Currently c-o has had its pygrub manually patched with these patches; we should talk to backports or package up these changes ourselves. The idea is to just install another pygrub, and then ask Xen to use it instead.
  • F17-Beta is horribly broken. As a result, the installer files downloaded by scripts-server are Wrong, and should be replaced with the copy from development/17, or resolv.conf will be empty during install.
#270 fixed Scripts LVS upgrade needs work achernya

Remaining tasks:

  • Split common parts of scripts-vm-host into scripts-base and scripts-munin-config
  • Make scripts-director-host
  • Scriptsify ldirectord to apply patch
  • Upgrade ipvsadm
#267 fixed AFS sysname is wrong ezyang

sysconfig doesn't seem to be getting run, so we're not running 'fs sysname' at boot up. Maybe fix this in rc.local? Alternatively fix up our packaged .unit file.

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