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#35 fixed sql web interface should make the lockername+ prefix more obvious presbrey andersk

(Imported from #545970.)


The SQL web interface should make it clear that it's going to prepend lockername+ to the database name. An easy solution would be

new database: andersk+[text box ] [add]


I've added your suggestion to the live version in the locker (/mit/sql/web_scripts/main/tpl/main.php).

Joe, could you check this in to SVN? I don't seem to have access to the repository.


This change has apparently gotten reverted, and users continue to be confused by it (such as stjerne who thought his database name was amanger, and me who keeps creating databases like hmmt+hmmt+database). Can this change be reapplied?


What is the status of this UI bug? It was fixed and then reverted.

#36 fixed trac–zephyr integration broder andersk

It would be nice to have Zephyr integration with trac.

#37 wontfix tomcat support? andersk

(Imported from #547795.)


Also, can one upload JSP files onto


We do not run a Tomcat installation the same way we run an Apache httpd installation on scripts; Tomcat does not allow us to do security isolation between users in the same manner, so we cannot set up a multiuser installation. There is an Apache-httpd module (mod_proxy_ajp) that appears to allow running JSP scripts, but we are not yet sure whether this properly and securely isolates user accounts. We will try to take a look at this sometime soon and determine whether this method is a practical solution; other users have expressed some interest in running JSP pages on scripts.

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