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#289 fixed F17 syslog filling up with "/dev/ttyS0: not a character device" ezyang

Not sure what it means. Currently syslog-ng has it muted but we should figure out what is going on.

#169 wontfix Failed LDAP replication due to busy replica should only warn when persistent ezyang

Failed LDAP replication due to busy replica is an intermittent error and not a problem unless it persists. Thus, Nagios should not immediately warn about it.

#273 fixed Fedora 17 development ezyang

Things that have been noticed so far:

  • Fedora switched to GPT partition tables by default; turn it off by passing kernel flag 'nogpt'. This is uncommitted on c-o. Ideally, we should just forgo partition tables altogether, which Mitch claims is not too difficult to do, but which I haven't figured out how yet.
  • Xen needs this patch series unfortunately they haven't been backported to Xen 4.0 or Xen 4.1 yet. (We specifically need only patches 2, 4 and 5). The pygrub executable patch is fuzzy, but easy to manually apply. Otherwise you won't be able to boot because the bootloader returns no data. Currently c-o has had its pygrub manually patched with these patches; we should talk to backports or package up these changes ourselves. The idea is to just install another pygrub, and then ask Xen to use it instead.
  • F17-Beta is horribly broken. As a result, the installer files downloaded by scripts-server are Wrong, and should be replaced with the copy from development/17, or resolv.conf will be empty during install.
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