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#418 duplicate Pony overescapes (some?) error messages adehnert

When I go to pony, I get an error message:

<html>The 'adehnert' locker is not signed up for; <a href="">sign it up</a> first.

The error message is fine, but the HTML tags should be HTML tags, rather than showing up due to being escaped.

#420 fixed Document alternative outgoing email approaches leee adehnert

At the moment, outgoing email from scripts is unreliable. Hopefully something like #357 could improve that. In the short term, and possibly even once #357 gets fixed, users may be better served by sending their email in other ways. We should ideally document some options.

The obvious option is to tell people to use Kerberized auth to It's an obvious, MIT-run service that (hopefully) has good deliverability, and I believe any principal can auth. However, I think many languages have mediocre support for Kerberized SMTP, so it may be hard to for our users to do this.

There are also various companies that provide this sort of service. Some options are:

These have the advantage of probably being easier to set up than kerberized and likely having better deliverability, but disadvantage of requiring a non-MIT party and having a lower free message cap (I think MIT is effectively 1K/day so ~30K/month).

#3 fixed Interface for automatic vhost management xavid andersk

(Imported from #394939.)


I have a rough prototype of an auto-CNAME script in /mit/geofft/scripts/ People should test it, make sure its logic is right, and laugh at my poor coding standards. I think it handles everything (modulo the special case for "DELETE", which it doesn't explicitly take care of at the moment). It doesn't actually do anything yet, just print the actions that it would take.

I'll make it do something (i.e., e-mail jweiss and dump the vhost into SVN) once I'm confident its existing logic is right. Oh, and recommendations for a decent regex or other pattern-matching check for scripts URLs? (Escaping the string and calling wget is certainly an option.)

Oh, and someone who doesn't "add consult" by default (especially someone with tcsh) should make sure the script can still reach qy.


Yeah, so more people should test this so we can put it into production. Seriously, it takes like 2 minutes to try some valid data and make sure it produces correct output, and then try invalid data and make sure it errors. And maybe 5 more minutes to read through my source and find holes in it. (Although most holes don't matter, since the script executes as the user.)


I fixed some bugs:


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