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#219 wontfix Debian and Fedora disagree on hostname, zephyr logging is inconsistent achernya

Fedora configures the hostname of machine to be the same as the fully-qualified domain name, whereas Debian will configure the hostname to be the short name.

This has no operational effect on the servers, but is very apparent with the zephyr logger being installed on the Debian hosts, because the format of the messages is different (instance is different). We should decide if we care, and if so, which format is preferable.

#247 fixed systemd parallel bootup breaks unspecified dependencies achernya

systemd provides a significantly faster bootup---but it breaks all assumptions about start-ordering. Specifically, this breaks our crond, which depends on afs being up so that it can be started with tokens. This can be corrected by upgrading the openafs-clients startup script to systemd. A nearly-complete but improperly packaged version exists in OpenAFS Gerrit.

#270 fixed Scripts LVS upgrade needs work achernya

Remaining tasks:

  • Split common parts of scripts-vm-host into scripts-base and scripts-munin-config
  • Make scripts-director-host
  • Scriptsify ldirectord to apply patch
  • Upgrade ipvsadm
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