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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#271 Make kickstart punt more packages new defect blocker Fedora 20
#172 Use new PHP 5.3 .user.ini for PHP configuration instead of hacked PHPRC new task major
#176 Warn about too long lockername on signup new defect major
#182 should permit switch to locker from cert auth based on admof new enhancement major
#255 AFS cache partition new enhancement major
#264 Python load time is ridiculous new defect major
#268 Kickstart should not hard code UUIDs new defect major
#272 Wizard really hurt by AFS "no permissions" slowdown new ezyang defect major
#97 Autoinstaller deploy/deploydev should use Git new enhancement normal
#171 Require users with underscores in their usernames to register alternate URLs new defect normal
#181 SQL should not attempt to create database with strange names new defect normal
#184 LDAP database consistency check new enhancement normal
#187 Wordpress doesn't play nice with HTTPS new enhancement normal
#190 SQL utility scripts should do more error checking new defect normal
#223 Scripts should respect CRL new enhancement normal
#224 Autoinstallers in group lockers install with bogus emails new ezyang defect normal
#227 Better MySQL password reset new enhancement normal
#228 Ident authentication for MySQL new enhancement normal
#230 Support moving hostnames across locker boundaries new enhancement normal
#234 Load balanced SSH new enhancement normal
#235 Make wizard upgrade robust enough to be user visible new ezyang enhancement normal
#236 Wizard failure leaves behind directory new ezyang defect normal
#238 Django SSL auth should be an option in the Django autoinstaller new enhancement normal
#239 mod_facebook new enhancement normal
#240 What's Different? FAQ new enhancement normal
#241 Pony CSR integration new enhancement normal
#242 "I noticed you're attempting to install Wordpress": recommend autoinstaller new enhancement normal
#244 Pony should show pending requests new defect normal
#249 Pony does not distinguish between moira/dns/resolved states new dzaefn defect normal
#261 scriptsdev=dev for deploydev doesn't work on exec fastcgi stubs new defect normal
#277 Upgrade story for MediaWiki 1.18 (math removal) new task normal
#282 Wordpress autoinstalls (and probably other PHP apps) have wrong timezone new defect normal
#284 Cannot do Rawhide development with AFS new defect normal
#286 Better story for tracking cabal2spec updates new defect normal
#288 zephyr sources don't appear to get put in rpmbuild/SOURCES new defect normal
#294 grub2 loading from pygrub still fairly broken new defect normal
#303 Install instructions are still incomplete new defect normal Fedora 20
#392 Wizard gives unhelpful error message when install fails new ezyang defect normal
#393 Wizard using ncurses should not exit without user input new ezyang defect normal
#170 OpenAFS mock builds should not rely on running kernel version new enhancement minor
#183 Scripts should give a "you are signed up" page instead of 403 forbidden new enhancement minor
#229 Personal cert htaccess is confusing new defect minor
#237 JDBC is hard to make work new enhancement minor
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