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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#1 MediaWiki certificate-based login new enhancement normal
#11 SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication new enhancement minor
#13 default permissions on MediaWiki uploads directory new enhancement normal
#17 switch to * and disable new enhancement major
#24 make TO: and CC: fields correct in RT new defect minor
#50 Install automatic cron failover new enhancement major
#57 Autoinstallers should read sql configuration from common files new ezyang enhancement normal
#59 web_scripts_tmp is a stupid name (and a poor concept in general) new defect normal
#60 Apache handlers for PHP and static content new enhancement minor
#73 scripts test suite new enhancement normal
#107 Trac: Wizard autoupgrade to unhardcode scripts3 and scripts4 reopened defect minor
#129 Publish an SPF record for / get DNS delegation new enhancement major
#175 Connections from scripts to scripts bypass LVS and go to the same host assigned mitchb defect normal
#188 Support multiple byte ranges in static-cat new enhancement minor
#225 Trac installer needs to make InnoDB tables, not MyISAM new defect normal
#245 /__scripts/needcerts should send non-reified vhosts to https://*.scripts new defect normal
#254 Drive a rusty spork through mbash, repeatedly, and dump it in a gutter. new defect normal
#262 Mangle locker names that are invalid hostnames and MySQL usernames new enhancement major
#263 Support HOME=/mit/lockername/Scripts and use it by default for new users new enhancement normal
#265 PHP dl() doesn’t work new defect normal
#281 Add SPDY support new enhancement minor
#319 Serve .txt files with static-cat new enhancement normal
#326 Pony approval should be atomic new defect minor
#332 scripts-vhost IP mysteriously serves cert with a missing intermediate? new defect minor
#339 Share SSL session cache between servers? new enhancement minor
#348 WebSockets new enhancement minor
#360 Pony Reply-To header confuses RT new defect minor
#366 Mail from scripts to scripts-hosted domain ignores MX record new defect normal
#367 Write yum-zephyr hook new enhancement normal
#394 Safari needcerts hack catches Chrome on OSX new defect normal
#397 Store SSL certificates in LDAP, get rid of reified vhosts new andersk enhancement minor
#399 Incoming SMTP should support STARTTLS new enhancement minor
#403 ‘service ip6tables restart’ angers /etc/scripts/modprobe, fails new defect normal
#404 Use tmpl_context, not threading.local(), for request-local state new defect normal
#405 storage_engine is not replicated for CREATE TABLE new defect normal
#406 Pony should create RT tickets via the API instead of by email new defect normal
#415 Move LVS directors to vCenter new task minor
#417 loads mixed-content iframe from new defect minor
#419 SSL certificate automation and Let’s Encrypt integration new enhancement major
#421 Turn on reject_sender_login_mismatch new enhancement normal
#425 Enable SSL on new enhancement normal
#430 Things to update for split new defect normal
#431 pacemaker stops on corosync upgrade or reinstall new defect normal
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