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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Milestone Priority
#2 php.d and php.ini have bad interactions reopened defect minor
#11 SPNEGO/Kerberos authentication new enhancement minor
#24 make TO: and CC: fields correct in RT new defect minor
#29 give example using Delivered-To/$1 new enhancement minor
#52 support per-vhost certs in mod_vhost_ldap new enhancement minor
#60 Apache handlers for PHP and static content new enhancement minor
#63 MediaWiki should support clean URLs new enhancement minor
#70 fully automate (all but getting tokens) new enhancement minor
#75 Load balance on URL new enhancement minor
#77 .my.cnf generation and parsing. new defect minor
#79 Scripts SVN should support GSSAPI new geofft enhancement minor
#84 Automatically notice when installed software is out of sync on the servers reopened enhancement minor
#91 autoinstallers should not assume locker 'foo' mounts at '/mit/foo' new defect minor
#93 autoinstallers internally depend on vhost/~lockername working reopened enhancement minor
#102 TurboGears autoinstaller should hack assigned xavid enhancement minor
#107 Trac: Wizard autoupgrade to unhardcode scripts3 and scripts4 reopened defect minor
#111 WordPress pingbacks aren't automatic new defect minor
#112 set-up-an-app pages should be patched out new enhancement minor
#116 Certificate login fallback to password new enhancement minor
#118 Autoinstallers should be more controllable from the command-line new adehnert enhancement minor
#119 scripts-remove shouldn't sign users up for new defect minor
#120 autoinstalled scripts should be uninstallable without interacting with reopened defect minor
#121 Uninstalling applications can destroy un-associated user data new defect minor
#123 scripts-remove works poorly with non-Athena accounts new defect minor
#137 Django's should mention ssh'ing to scripts on failure reopened enhancement minor
#141 Create framework for autoinstalling Django apps with Wizard new adehnert task minor
#144 default editors to not try to read unreadable configuration files new defect minor
#155 pony fails if daemon.scripts-pony doesn't have "list" on the locker new enhancement minor
#163 401 page should link users to renew their certificates at new enhancement minor
#170 OpenAFS mock builds should not rely on running kernel version new enhancement minor
#183 Scripts should give a "you are signed up" page instead of 403 forbidden new enhancement minor
#188 Support multiple byte ranges in static-cat new enhancement minor
#192 Allow doing autoinstalls from the web new enhancement minor
#198 svn doesn't deal with unknown vhosts or repos well new defect minor
#200 Move (part of) scripts to W91 new task minor
#201 Report users with large error_log and queue size contributions new enhancement minor
#202 Add detection of non-autoinstalled apps to new enhancement minor
#204 WordPress should work at other URLs new enhancement minor
#205 Document git with certificates new enhancement minor
#209 memcached support new enhancement minor
#210 RabbitMQ support new enhancement minor
#211 Cassandra support new enhancement minor
#212 Add FastCGI support to node.js new enhancement Fedora 20 minor
#217 procmail's ^TO expansion does not include X-Original-To new enhancement minor
#220 ZooKeeper support new enhancement minor
#229 Personal cert htaccess is confusing new defect minor
#237 JDBC is hard to make work new enhancement minor
#248 Pony needs more knobs new enhancement minor
#281 Add SPDY support new enhancement minor
#326 Pony approval should be atomic new defect minor
#332 scripts-vhost IP mysteriously serves cert with a missing intermediate? new defect minor
#337 should be bound on the directors new enhancement minor
#338 Easier viewing of scripts alert status new enhancement minor
#339 Share SSL session cache between servers? new enhancement minor
#348 WebSockets new enhancement minor
#355 Move stella web client into the scripts locker new defect minor
#360 Pony Reply-To header confuses RT new defect minor
#376 Java Servlet support new enhancement minor
#379 Scripts sends the wrong media type for javascript files new defect minor
#382 Spurious quotes in munin graph new defect minor
#397 Store SSL certificates in LDAP, get rid of reified vhosts new andersk enhancement minor
#399 Incoming SMTP should support STARTTLS new enhancement minor
#401 No error message on pony when managing invalid or restricted locker new defect minor
#413 Improperly escaped error when a locker isn't signed up new defect minor
#414 scripts-remove should be mentioned in the autoinstaller new enhancement minor
#415 Move LVS directors to vCenter new task minor
#416 Update Apache-style log FAQ new defect minor
#417 loads mixed-content iframe from new defect minor
#422 Trac: Default new installs to the sendmail backend new enhancement minor
#428 Django autoinstaller should change behavior based on what version of Django the user has installed new enhancement minor
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