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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#175 Connections from scripts to scripts bypass LVS and go to the same host assigned mitchb defect normal
#254 Drive a rusty spork through mbash, repeatedly, and dump it in a gutter. new defect normal
#257 /usr/vice/cache can fail to mount new defect major
#268 Kickstart should not hard code UUIDs new defect major
#271 Make kickstart punt more packages new defect blocker Fedora 20
#278 Consider using sssd new defect major Fedora 21
#284 Cannot do Rawhide development with AFS new defect normal
#286 Better story for tracking cabal2spec updates new defect normal
#288 zephyr sources don't appear to get put in rpmbuild/SOURCES new defect normal
#294 grub2 loading from pygrub still fairly broken new defect normal
#312 Scripts LVS primary doesn't work for IDs 11, 12 new defect major Fedora 20
#331 Fix mmr-hammer new defect normal
#370 scripts-krb5 should depend on accountadm new defect normal Fedora 20
#384 Update python-zephyr new defect normal
#388 Make mod_auth_sslcert fail gracefully in absense of mod_ssl new defect normal
#403 ‘service ip6tables restart’ angers /etc/scripts/modprobe, fails new defect normal
#431 pacemaker stops on corosync upgrade or reinstall new defect normal
#84 Automatically notice when installed software is out of sync on the servers reopened enhancement minor
#165 Locker ownership check should include magic admin bit new enhancement normal
#170 OpenAFS mock builds should not rely on running kernel version new enhancement minor
#184 LDAP database consistency check new enhancement normal
#201 Report users with large error_log and queue size contributions new enhancement minor
#223 Scripts should respect CRL new enhancement normal
#234 Load balanced SSH new enhancement normal
#239 mod_facebook new enhancement normal
#255 AFS cache partition new enhancement major
#262 Mangle locker names that are invalid hostnames and MySQL usernames new enhancement major
#263 Support HOME=/mit/lockername/Scripts and use it by default for new users new enhancement normal
#338 Easier viewing of scripts alert status new enhancement minor
#347 Systematically track alert frequency new enhancement normal
#367 Write yum-zephyr hook new enhancement normal
#375 NRPE monitoring for uncommitted changes new enhancement normal
#386 Packages should only need their own source to build new enhancement normal
#429 Patch journald to use less disk per user? new enhancement normal
#415 Move LVS directors to vCenter new task minor
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