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(edit) @2478   9 years achernya Certificate for
(edit) @2477   9 years adehnert Package python-hesiod (Scripts-#385) This is based on broder's ...
(edit) @2476   9 years adehnert Add python-moira packaging (Scripts #246)
(edit) @2475   9 years tboning Fixing lack of newline in dnd.pem
(edit) @2474   9 years tboning Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2473   9 years tboning Certifcate and configuration for
(edit) @2472   9 years btidor Add btidor to /etc/aliases
(edit) @2471   9 years achernya Stop blackholing an account
(edit) @2470   9 years cereslee Added myself to the email aliases
(edit) @2468   9 years tboning Certificate Renewal for
(edit) @2467   9 years andersk /etc/aliases: Revert accidental testing change
(edit) @2466   9 years tboning Certificate and configuration for tb
(edit) @2465   9 years achernya Correct typos as per adehnert
(edit) @2464   9 years achernya Update the RT documentation
(edit) @2463   9 years glasgall Switch to, since F17 is EOLed.
(edit) @2461   9 years glasgall re-reify to get rw path
(edit) @2460   9 years andersk Stop eating mail to reserved addresses at non-scripts domains Instead ...
(edit) @2459   9 years andersk Properly check SMTP on realservers heartbeat.php has been updated ...
(edit) @2458   9 years achernya Also add the chain
(edit) @2457   9 years achernya Whoops. ca.pem isn't what I think it is
(edit) @2456   9 years achernya Install new * cert, with 4096-bit key
(edit) @2453   10 years achernya Add ssh-agent to the setuid blacklist
(edit) @2452   10 years andersk Quick Makefile cleanup: remove some unused cruft, use https
(edit) @2451   10 years andersk Upgrade OpenAFS to 1.6.5
(edit) @2450   10 years tboning Removed mismerged comments from openssh.spec.patch
(edit) @2449   10 years tboning Updated openssh to 5.9p1-30
(edit) @2448   10 years achernya Update OpenAFS to 1.6.4
(edit) @2447   10 years andersk New certificate for,
(edit) @2446   10 years tboning Fixed lack of new lines in the end of chatter and set-up certs
(edit) @2445   10 years tboning Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2444   10 years tboning Certificate and configuration for
(edit) @2442   10 years lfaraone Reverting 2441; should commit on locker-dev first.
(edit) @2441   10 years lfaraone Additional updates for Django 1.4/1.5: static files, admin interface, ...
(edit) @2440   10 years achernya Certificate and configuration for roost
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