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(edit) @2613   9 years quentin Upstream stock version of ip6tables-config
(edit) @2612   9 years glasgall Add /etc/securetty, since we need to add ttyS0 to it now.
(edit) @2611   9 years mitchb Certificate and reified vhost config for la-casa
(edit) @2610   9 years mitchb Remove errant SSLCertificateChainFile directives
(edit) @2609   9 years mitchb Spammers get you coming and going Enhance prune-mailq to be able to ...
(edit) @2608   9 years achernya Block a spammy user
(edit) @2607   9 years glasgall re-reify vhost
(edit) @2606   9 years glasgall Fix autoinstaller for whatever newer version of Ruby changed either ...
(edit) @2605   9 years mitchb Fix hostbased auth New ssh keys for F20
(edit) @2604   9 years achernya Add load check
(edit) @2603   9 years achernya oops, include the suexec patch
(edit) @2602   9 years achernya Behold the glorious, working logview
(edit) @2601   9 years achernya Split the systemd journal per-uid
(edit) @2600   9 years glasgall Bump version of scripts-ldap-base
(edit) @2599   9 years glasgall reorder dependencies of scripts-ldap-base to make achernya happy
(edit) @2598   9 years glasgall add perl-LDAP to scripts-ldap-base's dependencies; check_ldap_mmr needs it
(edit) @2597   9 years achernya Unbreak libgsasl gssapi support
(edit) @2596   9 years glasgall Re-enable simplexml, yet another casualty of the Great Sharding
(edit) @2595   9 years achernya Enable tokenizer, another casualty of the Great Sharding
(edit) @2594   9 years achernya There are no spheroid shenanigans.
(edit) @2593   9 years achernya Also add allowmethods
(edit) @2592   9 years achernya Add mod_filter to Apache
(edit) @2591   9 years achernya Reintegrate fc20-dev into trunk
(edit) @2589   9 years achernya F20 cutover
(edit) @2581   9 years achernya Update certificate for
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