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(edit) @2729   9 years achernya Raise SMTP alerting thresholds 500/1000 is not actually causing problems.
(edit) @2668   9 years andersk check_afs: styx is more critical than cocytus
(edit) @2667   9 years andersk check_afs: Add test for getcwd bug
(edit) @2591   10 years achernya Reintegrate fc20-dev into trunk
(edit) @2538   10 years adehnert Enable multi-line LDAP MMR nagios checks In concert with sipb-nagios' ...
(edit) @2256   12 years quentin Add a NRPE command for monitoring SMTP on localhost
(edit) @2192   12 years adehnert Ping on the backend network
(edit) @2191   12 years adehnert Update monitoring servers to syn, c-t, and sipb-noc
(edit) @2190   12 years adehnert Define check_backend NRPE check
(edit) @2152   12 years adehnert Split out AFS nagios checks
(edit) @2023   13 years mitchb We've vos moved - come visit us at our new location!
(edit) @1936   13 years adehnert Remove deprecated commands Now that sipb-noc has been updated, we can ...
(edit) @1934   13 years adehnert Move nagios/NRPE parameters to live on scripts This gives us ...
(edit) @1933   13 years adehnert Bump the alert threshold for POSTFIX-MAILQ
(edit) @1853   13 years adehnert Remove line numbers
(edit) @1852   13 years adehnert Add link that the letter info came from
(edit) @1851   13 years adehnert Monitor the Postfix queue size (Trac: #143) The threshold is based on ...
(edit) @1850   13 years adehnert Consistently use $ECHO
(edit) @1849   13 years adehnert Add check for kernel taints This should allow nagios to alert on ...
(edit) @1848   13 years geofft contrib.scripts moved
(edit) @1671   14 years ezyang Make the LDAP check match sudoers line, preserve USE_NEWLINES.
(edit) @1670   14 years ezyang Pretty format check_ldap_mmr with USE_NEWLINES.
(edit) @1579   14 years mitchb Augment LDAP-MMR NRPE plugin to check for replication conflicts Trac: ...
(edit) @1342   15 years mitchb Improvements to check_ldap_mmr plugin o Don't put a newline after ...
(edit) @1272   15 years mitchb Wrap check_ldap_mmr with a sudo invocation, and don't spew logs about it
(edit) @1270   15 years mitchb Nagios plugin to monitor LDAP multi-master replication status
(edit) @1259   15 years mitchb Reintegrate branches/fc11-dev (r1121:1258) to trunk
(copy) @1119   15 years mitchb Restructure so trunk of the repo is at /trunk, not / (part 1)
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(edit) @1043   15 years geofft contrib.scripts moved
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