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(edit) @2752   8 years vasilvv Add vasilvv to root email aliases
(edit) @2742   9 years btidor Fix for above (block outbound mail, not inbound)
(edit) @2741   9 years btidor Block early-warning from sourcing spam
(edit) @2724   9 years achernya More mail queue curation
(edit) @2723   9 years achernya Reduce mail spam
(edit) @2709   9 years achernya Add some spam sources to the blacklist
(edit) @2662   10 years quentin Fix comment. Thanks geofft.
(edit) @2661   10 years quentin Block laublab from mail usage.
(edit) @2652   10 years quentin Block mail for compromised accounts
(edit) @2646   10 years achernya Another block
(edit) @2645   10 years achernya A block
(edit) @2640   10 years achernya Block more spam
(edit) @2622   10 years achernya Block a spammy user
(edit) @2608   10 years achernya Block a spammy user
(edit) @2544   10 years achernya Block a spammy user
(edit) @2515   10 years btidor Undo accidental commit of temporary edit
(edit) @2514   10 years btidor Certficate and configuration for
(edit) @2503   10 years achernya Fix some mail problems
(edit) @2494   11 years geofft /etc/aliases: Remove self from root
(edit) @2472   11 years btidor Add btidor to /etc/aliases
(edit) @2471   11 years achernya Stop blackholing an account
(edit) @2470   11 years cereslee Added myself to the email aliases
(edit) @2467   11 years andersk /etc/aliases: Revert accidental testing change
(edit) @2466   11 years tboning Certificate and configuration for tb
(edit) @2433   11 years tboning
(edit) @2427   11 years achernya Add more users to email blacklist
(edit) @2328   12 years achernya Add glasgall to aliases for root
(edit) @1916   13 years achernya aliases: correct file format The /etc/aliases file can't have ...
(edit) @1915   13 years adehnert Disable mail for dbriggs and ro21531
(edit) @1854   13 years adehnert Designate spot to put queue-clearing aliases
(edit) @1816   13 years geofft Add achernya to the root@scripts alias
(edit) @1721   14 years adehnert Send srimano to /dev/null due to backscatter
(edit) @1720   14 years geofft punt gdb
(edit) @1582   14 years geofft Remove e-mail blocks (timeout!)
(edit) @1574   14 years adehnert Disable problematic user
(edit) @1543   14 years geofft aliases: Update list to current maintainers
(edit) @1437   15 years geofft I don't want mail to info@, marketing@, sales@, or support@scripts
(edit) @1383   15 years ezyang Add to receive root email.
(edit) @1300   15 years geofft Unblock golem from receiving mail (discussed with him over zephyr)
(edit) @1299   15 years geofft Unblock reuter from sending mail [ #985700]
(copy) @1119   15 years mitchb Restructure so trunk of the repo is at /trunk, not / (part 1)
copied from server/fedora/config/etc/aliases:
(edit) @988   15 years mitchb I should start reading root's mail. I will probably regret this.
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