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(edit) @2443   9 years lfaraone Additional updates for Django 1.4/1.5: static files, admin interface, ...
(edit) @2380   10 years achernya Explain code review policy
(edit) @2369   10 years cereslee Modified the django autoinstaller to use my.cnf
(edit) @2314   10 years geofft git: Don't export autoinstalls over git:// by default The ...
(edit) @2311   10 years achernya Re-enable Django
(edit) @2309   10 years achernya Fix the Django autoinstaller for 1.4
(edit) @2285   10 years ezyang Remove Django as it is broken at the moment.
(edit) @2284   10 years ezyang Joomla is known broken with PHP 5.4, removed from install list.
(edit) @2281   10 years glasgall Replace Rack::PathInfoRewriter with ScriptNameRewriter, which just ...
(edit) @2280   10 years glasgall Set config.action_controller.asset_host for all environments so link ...
(edit) @2279   10 years glasgall Don't set RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT; it breaks accessing apps by hostname
(edit) @2278   10 years glasgall Fix autoinstalled Rails .htaccess
(edit) @2277   10 years glasgall remove cargo-culted creation of .failed files
(edit) @2276   10 years glasgall Update instructions to user at end of script for rails 3
(edit) @2275   10 years glasgall Make robots.txt work in the autoinstaller
(edit) @2262   10 years glasgall whitespace cleanups
(edit) @2261   10 years glasgall Properly find the name of the application class for Rails apps The ...
(edit) @2260   10 years glasgall Make Rails apps work when accessed via a hostname Right now accessing ...
(edit) @2259   10 years glasgall Depend on minitest to make 'rails console' work on ruby1.9
(edit) @2253   10 years achernya Add g-e, l-s, and m-c to the locker's known_hosts.
(edit) @2149   11 years ezyang Make Rails autoinstaller work with Rails 3: - Rewrite the dispatcher ...
(edit) @2124   11 years achernya Fix rails harder.
(edit) @2123   11 years achernya Fix rails invocation during autoinstalls For the F15 release, the ...
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @2076   11 years andersk Delete svn:mergeinfo from all active branches except at . and locker ...
(edit) @2074   11 years andersk Merge r2072:2073 from trunk/locker to branches/locker-dev/locker This ...
(edit) @2073   11 years andersk Merge r1846:2072 from trunk/locker to branches/locker-dev/locker
(edit) @2072   11 years andersk trac.fcgi: Suggest pkill -u LOCKER in the upgrade message To avoids ...
(edit) @1902   11 years adehnert Keep the locker-dev branch alive See ...
(edit) @1847   11 years adehnert Merge changes from master
(edit) @1846   11 years adehnert Record changes that have been merged to trunk See ...
(edit) @1837   11 years adehnert Report django-admin startproject failures
(edit) @1806   11 years adehnert Make Django properly handle the index page Without this, the URL that ...
(edit) @1805   11 years adehnert git smart HTTP transport autoinstaller
(edit) @1790   12 years andersk trac.fcgi: Stop relying on fcgi_frontend details that Trac 0.12 will ...
(edit) @1782   12 years geofft for-each-server: Remove dependency on machtype and simplify code
(edit) @1774   12 years mitchb Fix Django autoinstaller I know it's been a while since we had one of ...
(edit) @1749   12 years mitchb Fix vhostadd and vhostedit in the locker They work particularly ...
(edit) @1748   12 years mitchb Pristing vhostadd and vhostedit, missing from locker-dev
(edit) @1731   12 years ezyang Restore clobbered change to crontab from r1521.
(edit) @1730   12 years ezyang Merge in changes from trunk.
(edit) @1727   12 years ezyang Restore PHP iCalendar.
(edit) @1724   12 years ezyang Merge in changes from trunk.
(edit) @1576   12 years geofft cronload: Warn if no MAILTO= line is set.
(edit) @1568   12 years adehnert Optionally take addrend from SCRIPTS_INSTALL_ADDREND instead of prompting
(edit) @1567   12 years adehnert Optionally take locker from SCRIPTS_INSTALL_LOCKER instead of prompting
(edit) @1566   12 years ezyang Pass --web-stub-path when autoinstalling to Scripts.
(edit) @1564   12 years adehnert Some minor cronload cleanup
(edit) @1563   12 years adehnert Be saner about finding lockername in cronload
(edit) @1556   12 years andersk trac: Enable the Mercurial plugin for Mercurial repositories.
(edit) @1548   12 years ezyang Update mergeinfo.
(edit) @1534   13 years mitchb Make procmail and cron try harder to actually mail the signup user At ...
(edit) @1533   13 years adehnert Set a timezone for phpical (Trac: #5)
(edit) @1528   13 years andersk trac: Mangle HTTP_REFERER to let the login link keep you on the same page.
(edit) @1527   13 years andersk Import trac from production.
(edit) @1526   13 years adehnert Have a paren
(edit) @1525   13 years adehnert Clearer message given some people could predate *.scripts
Diff Rev Age Author Log Message
(edit) @1523   13 years mitchb Stop referring to the $scriptsstar mess
(edit) @1521   13 years mitchb Send cronjob mail to the user who signed up a locker by default ...
(edit) @1520   13 years mitchb Copy initial production crontab to locker-dev branch
(edit) @1518   13 years adehnert People with DB's want to know their uninstall worked, too
(edit) @1517   13 years adehnert Remove /~$lname/ from a couple more places
(edit) @1516   13 years adehnert "What's this /~$lname/ thing?" Provide a prompt that talks about ...
(edit) @1512   13 years adehnert Fix Trac's git browser plugin in autoinstalls
(edit) @1511   13 years adehnert Make autoinstallers use ATHENA_USER instead of USER Closes Trac #113
(edit) @1496   13 years broder Don't let people shoot themselves in the foot by leaving ailocker set to ""
(edit) @1495   13 years broder Don't attach the scripts locker twice.
(edit) @1494   13 years broder Distinguish between scripts for scripts and scripts for ...
(edit) @1493   13 years broder Use a slightly more concise shell expression for setting variables.
(edit) @1492   13 years broder Parametrize the maintainer and contact for autoinstallers. This ...
(edit) @1486   13 years gdb Explain why we raise an error here
(edit) @1485   13 years gdb Time to be honest with ourselves. We're not reloading anything here.
(edit) @1484   13 years gdb Watch specific files as well
(edit) @1478   13 years mitchb * Don't put SQL passwords in command-line arguments. * When using ...
(edit) @1477   13 years mitchb * Initial commit of TG autoinstaller, for some reason. (from ...
(edit) @1469   13 years gdb Changed list of watched directories in rails fcgi
(edit) @1441   13 years mitchb Missed a couple spots on the bikeshed (more clarity for fascist locker ...
(edit) @1439   13 years mitchb Relative symlink. Really. Everywhere you create it.
(edit) @1438   13 years mitchb Make the sql signup process create a relative symlink When users ...
(edit) @1430   13 years mitchb Bikeshed bikeshed bikeshed... Mushroom mushroom!
(edit) @1429   13 years mitchb Fascist lockers can't sign up just by giving daemon.scripts l Stop ...
(edit) @1428   13 years mitchb Make signup-sql work... for the first time ever? This seems like it ...
(edit) @1420   13 years ezyang Fix broken autoinstalls due to lack of tarball.
(edit) @1419   13 years ezyang Didn't get it right the first time.
(edit) @1418   13 years ezyang Synchronize MediaWiki code (it's actually dead now).
(edit) @1415   13 years ezyang Restore missing for-each-server.
(edit) @1414   13 years ezyang Merged in changes from trunk --- Merging r1262 through r1413 into ...
(edit) @1413   13 years ezyang Delete abandoned changes to support Wizard in
(edit) @1411   13 years gdb Re-added friendly comments
(edit) @1410   13 years gdb Changed rails reloader script to reload if a new file is created. ...
(edit) @1408   13 years mitchb Make Rails autoinstalls pick up code changes automatically Ordinarily, ...
(edit) @1407   13 years mitchb Provide enough rope to put your rails app into production mode ...
(edit) @1361   13 years ezyang Use Wizard for Wordpress installs.
(edit) @1346   13 years ezyang Add the ability to pass custom flags to wizard install.
(edit) @1345   13 years ezyang Make scriptsdev work with scripts-ssh.
(edit) @1344   13 years ezyang Step two of using Wizard for new MediaWiki autoinstalls.
(edit) @1343   13 years ezyang Step one of using Wizard for new MediaWiki autoinstalls.
(edit) @1297   13 years mitchb Final pre-deploy touchups to the Ruby on Rails autoinstaller o Don't ...
(edit) @1295   13 years mitchb Ruby on Rails autoinstaller! (but I...)
(edit) @1262   13 years ezyang Merge in changes from r1261.
(edit) @1232   13 years ezyang Fix missing trailing newlines and double-newline.
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