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    r1026 r1414  
    2323   reap it; they should do so quickly. If it belongs to an FSILG, e-mail
    2424   ht-$ILG-acl (ht-et-acl, ht-pika-acl, etc.) and ask nicely. If it belongs
    25    to an academic network, they're not getting the name back unless they can
    26    negotiate with the current owner of the name
     25   to an academic network, they're not getting even deleted names back unless
     26   they can negotiate with the current owner of the name.
    28282. Check that they're requesting a scripts.mit.edu path that they control
    3636   before proceeding.
     38   Confirm that they're signed up for scripts. http://locker.scripts.mit.edu/
     39   should give something that isn't the "Account unknown" page.
    38413. E-mail jweiss.
    3942   * Open the ticket in RT
    4043   * Click 'Comment' to the right of the body of the e-mail they sent
    4144   * CC: jweiss@mit.edu (Don't use "To:", there's a bug)
    42    * Write something nice. I typically use
     45   * Write something nice, preferably including the stella command line.
     46   I typically use
    4347   Subject: scripts CNAME request: foo.mit.edu
    45    At your convenience, please make foo.mit.edu an alias of scripts.mit.edu.
     49   At your convenience, please make foo.mit.edu an alias of scripts-vhosts.mit.edu.
     51   stella scripts-vhosts -a foo
    4652       (or)
    4753   At your convenience, please move the alias foo.mit.edu from bar.mit.edu to
    48      scripts.mit.edu.
     54     scripts-vhosts.mit.edu.
     56   stella bar -d foo
     57   stella scripts-vhosts -a foo
    4958       (or)
    5059   At your convenience, please rename the current host foo.mit.edu to
    51      foo-old.mit.edu and make foo.mit.edu an alias of scripts.mit.edu.
     60   foo-old.mit.edu and mark it as deleted, and make foo.mit.edu an
     61   alias of scripts-vhosts.mit.edu.
     63   stella foo -S 3 -R foo-old
     64   stella scripts-vhosts -a foo
    5265       (or)
    5366   If the request below is sufficient authorization, please remove....
    5568   * Set Status => Waiting and Blocking On => Moira
    57    Occasionally jweiss is on vacation; check /mit/ops/Pager.Schedule for
    58    "!jweiss" entries. It's worth asking him ahead of time if he's around. If
     70   Occasionally jweiss is on vacation; generally he sets an auto-responder,
     71   so you can just try emailing him and hoping, or ask him if he's around. If
    5972   not, see if zacheiss or cfox or computing-help will handle the requests.
    6073   (zacheiss has been willing to do them in the past.)
    7285   or RewriteRules if they're having trouble.
    74 --geofft, last updated 2008-08-02
     87--geofft with minor edits by adehnert, last updated 2009-12-01
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