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Split up cellServDB into mousetrap and local.
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1CellServDB maintains a mapping of cell names to IP addresses of servers
2serving them.
4Under normal operation, CellServDB.dist (which is distributed by the
5OpenAFS package) and CellServDB.local (which is normally empty, but can
6be used to add local AFS cells.)
8However, we patch OpenAFS's systemd unit file to instead concatenate
9CellServDB.local (which is Athena Ops provided database) and
10CellServDB.mousetrap (which is a bogus entry for better-mousetrapfs,
11which catches and kills 'find /afs').
13CellServDB.mousetrap must be concatenated at the end, as readdir on
14/afs returns cells in reverse order they are in CellServDB.
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