source: trunk/server/fedora/config/etc/sysconfig/openafs @ 1994

Last change on this file since 1994 was 1993, checked in by achernya, 12 years ago
Increase volumes in afsd from 400 to 4000
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[1993]1AFSD_ARGS="-afsdb -dynroot -fakestat-all -stat 25000 -daemons 100 -volumes 4000 -files 400000 -chunksize 19"
[708]4postinit () {
5        /sbin/sysctl -q afs.GCPAGs=0
6        /usr/bin/fs setcrypt on
[777]7        case "$(lsb_release -cs)" in
8          Moonshine)
[778]9            /usr/bin/fs sysname 'amd64_fedora7_scripts' 'scripts' 'amd64_fedora7' 'amd64_linux26' 'i386_rhel4' 'i386_rhel3' 'i386_rh9' 'i386_linux26' 'i386_linux24' 'i386_linux22' 'i386_linux3' 'i386_linux2' 'i386_linux1' ;;
[777]10          Sulphur)
[996]11            /usr/bin/fs sysname 'amd64_fedora9_scripts' 'amd64_fedora7_scripts' 'scripts' 'amd64_fedora9' 'amd64_fedora7' 'amd64_linux26' 'i386_deb40' 'i386_rhel4' 'i386_rhel3' 'i386_rh9' 'i386_linux26' 'i386_linux24' 'i386_linux22' 'i386_linux3' 'i386_linux2' ;;
[1259]12          Leonidas)
13            /usr/bin/fs sysname 'amd64_fedora11_scripts' 'amd64_fedora9_scripts' 'amd64_fedora7_scripts' 'scripts' 'amd64_fedora11' 'amd64_fedora9' 'amd64_fedora7' 'amd64_linux26' 'i386_deb50' 'i386_deb40' 'i386_rhel4' 'i386_rhel3' 'i386_rh9' 'i386_linux26' 'i386_linux24' 'i386_linux22' 'i386_linux3' 'i386_linux2' ;;
[1693]14          Goddard)
15            /usr/bin/fs sysname 'amd64_fedora13_scripts' 'amd64_fedora11_scripts' 'amd64_fedora9_scripts' 'amd64_fedora7_scripts' 'scripts' 'amd64_fedora13' 'amd64_fedora11' 'amd64_fedora9' 'amd64_fedora7' 'amd64_linux26' 'i386_deb50' 'i386_deb40' 'i386_rhel4' 'i386_rhel3' 'i386_rh9' 'i386_linux26' 'i386_linux24' 'i386_linux22' 'i386_linux3' 'i386_linux2' ;;
[777]16          *)
17            echo "Warning: unknown platform. AFS sysname not set."
18        esac
[708]19        /usr/bin/fs setcell -nosuid -c athena
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