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Stop cron mail from bouncing to root This undoes the effect of this patch in cronie 1.4: which caused mail to come from root by default instead of the user, and therefore bounce to instead of to an undeliverable address when the user has no procmailrc.
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1# Settings for the CRON daemon.
2# CRONDARGS= :  any extra command-line startup arguments for crond
3# CRON_VALIDATE_MAILRCPTS=1:a non-empty value of this variable will
4#                           enable vixie-cron-4.1's validation of
5#                           mail recipient names, which would then be
6#                           restricted to contain only the chars
7#                           from this tr(1) set : [@!:%-_.,:alnum:]
8#                           otherwise mailing is not attempted.
9CRONDARGS="-m '/usr/sbin/sendmail -FCronDaemon -i -odi -oem -oi -t'"
11# Force crond to always run with tokens
12su -c '/home/afsagent/renew' -l afsagent || :
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