source: trunk/server/fedora/config/etc/postfix/virtual_re @ 1767

Last change on this file since 1767 was 1452, checked in by mitchb, 14 years ago
Speed up postfix acceptance of mail to Postfix does virtual alias expansion on *all* addresses, both virtual/remote and local, which means that even mail to a normal scripts user will be looked up in not only the regular aliases file, but the virtual maps we set up. If we don't match those addresses in either the hashed virtual file or the regexp virtual file, then an LDAP query will occur instead of quickly accepting the RCPT address. Short-circuit that by matching * as a regexp and mapping it with no change. If we rewrite it as the unqualified user, then a recursive virtual match happens (all virtual rewrites are subject to recursive matching). Simple, eh?
File size: 122 bytes
1/^(.*)$/ $
2/^(.*)@([^@]*)\.scripts\.mit\.edu$/ $2+$1
3/^([^@]*)\.scripts\.mit\.edu$/ true
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