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I Bemoan The State Of Postfix (LDAP and mail hosting for all our vhosts)
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1# Find any vhost with a name or alias matching the domain of the e-mail
2# address.  We're queried with only the domain portion to determine whether
3# we accept mail at all for a given domain.  If we have no matching vhost
4# and return no records, Postfix will reject mail with a "Relay access denied"
5# error, unless the domain is configured in $mydestination.  We don't match
6# the vhost here because otherwise it'll be treated as a
7# virtual alias domain and once we resolve an address to a scripts account,
8# we'll end up resolving the address to go to the
9# owners of the vhost.  The value we return (if we return
10# anything at all) is supposedly arbitrary.  We choose to return the same
11# value we were queried with (the domain whose mail we host).  Protocol
12# version 3 is necessary to use ldapi.
14server_host = ldapi://%2fvar%2frun%2fdirsrv%2fslapd-scripts.socket/
15search_base = ou=VirtualHosts,dc=scripts,dc=mit,dc=edu
16query_filter = (&(objectClass=scriptsVhost)(|(scriptsVhostName=%s)(scriptsVhostAlias=%s))(!(
17result_attribute = scriptsVhostName
18result_format = %S
19bind = no
20version = 3
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