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Play Evan on TV (update moira to new snapshot, provide shared libmrclient)
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  • man/update_server.8

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    1414it is needed.
    1515.SH OPTIONS
    1616While there are no command line options, a configuration file
    17 .I /etc/athena/moira.conf
     17.I /etc/moira.conf
    1818may specify a number of options.  This file may contain blank lines,
    1919comments preceeded by hash marks, boolean options, or string options.
    2020A boolean option is set by just putting the name of the option on a
    4848.B sms
    4949in the local realm is assumed.
    5050.SH FILES
    51 /etc/athena/moira.conf \- For configuration variables.
    52 /etc/athena/srvtab \- It must be able to get rcmd Kerberos tickets.
     51/etc/moira.conf \- For configuration variables.
     52/etc/srvtab \- It must be able to get rcmd Kerberos tickets.
    5353.SH "SEE ALSO"
    5454The Project Athena Technical Plan section on Moira.
  • man/moira.3

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    239239except that it uses strcmp on the elements rather than comparing the
    240240addresses directly.
    241241.SH FILES
    242 /usr/athena/include/moira.h
    244 /usr/athena/include/mr_et.h
    247247.SH "SEE ALSO"
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