source: trunk/server/common/oursrc @ 1600

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
whoisd 772   15 years quentin Read whois key from filesystem
tokensys 1594   12 years geofft tokensys: aklog csail
sql-signup 119   16 years presbrey packaged sql-signup utility
scripts-wizard 1502   13 years mitchb Directory for scripts-wizard package Yes, it's empty. Yes, it's ...
scripts-static-cat 1592   12 years andersk static-cat: Ignore unparsable byte ranges.
scripts-python-path 957   14 years quentin Add scripts-python-path package
scripts-base 923   14 years quentin Initial import of scripts-base package
python-routefs 838   14 years andersk Package python-routefs.
php_scripts 1234   14 years mitchb Package the php logging module stupid_server_install_kludges--;
nss_nonlocal 1553   13 years andersk Update nss_nonlocal to 1.11.
logview 189   16 years jbarnold yoz rewrote to do more streamlike processing
httpdmods 1589   13 years andersk mod_vhost_ldap: Fix /~user URLs. This also re-enables the upstream ...
hacron 1468   13 years gdb Fixed the exception type problem in this code; fixed up remove-servers.
execsys 1464   13 years mitchb What's that? I can't hear you over the static! o Make Apache, ...
athrun 1225   14 years mitchb Make athrun use arch/@sys/bin instead of just bin
accountadm 1600   12 years geofft admof: More mutable input fun.
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