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New mod_original_dst - makes Apache use original destination IP In a setup where requests have passed through a transparent proxy, or an iptables REDIRECT rule, the destination address of the traffic changes. The netfilter code provides an option (SO_ORIGINAL_DST) to find out the original destination address. In an Apache vhost that is IP-based instead of name-based, you may need the original address in order to match the vhost. This module causes Apache to always see the original, instead of the redirected, destination. Apache module written by Anders Kaseorg Method for obtaining the original address pointed out by Quentin Smith Trivial packaging updates for Scripts by Mitch Berger
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1APXS = apxs
3MODS = mod_auth_sslcert mod_authz_afsgroup mod_auth_optional mod_vhost_ldap mod_original_dst
5all-local: $(patsubst %,.libs/,$(MODS))
7APXSFLAGS_mod_vhost_ldap = -Wc,-DMOD_VHOST_LDAP_VERSION=\\\"mod_vhost_ldap/1.2.0scripts\\\" -lldap_r
9.libs/ %.c
10        $(APXS) $(APXSFLAGS_$*) -c $<
13        rm -f $(MODS:=.o) $( $(MODS:=.lo) $(MODS:=.slo)
14        rm -rf .libs
16distclean: clean
17        rm -f config.log config.cache config.status Makefile
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