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Document ipvsadm configuration
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1- TO TEMPORARILY DISABLE HEARTBEAT: on an existing node, run
2  crm_attribute -n is_managed_default -v false
3- confirm that the change occurred with crm_attribute -n is_managed_default -G
4- Install Debian 4.0 from a minimal Debian install CD
5- aptitude install openssh-server krb5-user krb5-clients
6- dpkg-reconfigure krb5-config
7- Set GSSAPIAuthentication yes in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
8- Add keytab and .k5login
9- Edit lvs/debian/config/etc/ha.d/ in SVN to add "node foo", where foo is the new machine's hostname as reported by uname -n
10- Synchronize /etc out of SVN by running
11svn co /etc
12and moving files/directories out of the way as it checks out.
13- aptitude update; aptitude install heartbeat ldirectord lighttpd-mod-magnet; # should install version >= 2.1.2
14- aptitude install munin-node
15- Copy /etc/ha.d/authkeys from an existing LVS node
16- svn up on each existing LVS node and then run /etc/init.d/heartbeat reload
17- If the node will run LVS, run "dpkg-reconfigure ipvsadm" and configure it to run "both" daemons on the correct network interface
18- Run /etc/init.d/heartbeat start on the new node
19- No services will be allocated to this node. To allocate scripts_LVS to it, run
20cibadmin -M -X '
21       <rsc_location id="rsc_location_scripts_LVS_all" rsc="scripts_LVS">
22         <rule id="prefered_rsc_location_scripts_LVS_all" score="-INFINITY" boolean_op="and">
23           <expression attribute="#uname" id="733286ca-cde9-4941-bab0-59af8bd6b55a" operation="ne" value="rack-forward"/>
24           <expression attribute="#uname" id="55373ba0-9e5e-43de-adf6-ac77bfe5bac6" operation="ne" value="not-backward"/>
25           <expression attribute="#uname" id="UNIQUE_ID" operation="ne" value="new-node"/>
26         </rule>
27       </rsc_location>
29- TO REENABLE HEARTBEAT, run crm_attribute -n is_managed_default -v true
30- Watch /var/log/messages and /var/log/syslog to make sure heartbeat is working
31- Add machine to noc/munin/munin.conf (syn:/etc/munin/munin.conf)
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