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Clarifications about RT zephyrbot and To/Cc fields
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3To edit stuff like ticket status, click "Basic" in the left.
5Note the multiple ways to search for tickets: you can click "All
6{new,open,waiting} Scripts Tickets" on the home page in the center, or
7"Scripts" on the right in the list of queues.
9You should take a look in "Preferences" at the left. Make sure "Notify
10yourself of own updates" is on. You can also set the "Default Working Queue"
11to Scripts, and give yourself a signature referring to
13Another useful option here is to set an RT passwordfor your account, so you
14don't need certs to log in (though it sometimes will keep asking you for
15your password on each page load if you don't have certs) and so you can use
16the zephyrbot).  The zephyrbot will take commands to
17-c scripts -i [ticket number] of the form /set status=resolved or
18/set owner=geofft.  You need to drop a file in
19/mit/geofft/web_scripts/rt/rt-passwords by your username with the format:
21"username" "yourawesomepassword"
23And then ask geofft (zwrite geofft) to restart the RT bot.
25Note that in the event that Geoff's account is compromised, it is possible
26for an attacker to use this password do manipulate tickets in *any*
27queue you have bits on, not just the Scripts one.
29The RT bot will post ticket notifications as -c scripts -i nnn.  If you are
30responding to a ticket, it is conventional to post "lock" to the appropriate
31instance, so others know not to pre-empt you.  You should post "unlock" once
32you are done handling the ticket.
34You can also place these commands on a line by themselves inside e-mail; they
35will be acted upon and removed before the e-mail gets sent back out.
37If you're adding a *comment* (such as when you're forwarding a cname request
38on to IS&T), don't use the 'To:' field, because it'll be clobbered by our
39RT scrips and the mail won't actually go to the destination you added.
40Instead, you should use the 'Cc:' field.  Similarly, if you're adding
41*correspondence*, the 'Cc:' field will be clobbered and you need to use
42the 'To:' field.
44Don't CC other RT queues, it doesn't work. If you really need to, use your
45e-mail client to forward it and remove the [ #nnn] tag.
47E-mail to scripts-comment that carries a [ #nnn] tag will be
48included in the ticket history for the scripts team to see, but will not be
49sent to the user. You can use this for asking "Help, what do I do here?"
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