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vixie-cron executes as the user under SELinux SELinux policy for afsd and afsagent
File size: 905 bytes
3S_ON='acpid auditd autofs crond execsys-binfmt httpd ip6tables iptables lm_sensors mcstrans mdmonitor named network nrpe openafs-client restorecond sshd syslog sysstat zhm postfix'
4S_OFF='NetworkManager NetworkManagerDispatcher anacron atd avahi-dnsconfd capi cpuspeed cups dc_client dc_server dhcdbd diskdump firstboot gpm haldaemon irda isdn kudzu mdmpd messagebus multipathd netdump netplugd nfs nscd ntpd pcscd psacct rdisc readahead_later rpcgssd rpcidmapd rpcsvcgssd saslauthd sendmail snmpd snmptrapd spamassassin wpa_supplicant ypbind avahi-daemon netfs nfslock portmap readahead_early xfs xinetd yum-updatesd irqbalance smartd'
6for s in $S_OFF; do
7        /sbin/chkconfig $s off
8        /sbin/service $s stop
11for s in $S_ON; do
12        /sbin/chkconfig --add $s
13        /sbin/chkconfig $s on
14        /sbin/service $s status || runcon system_u:system_r:initrc_t:s0 /sbin/service $s start
17restorecon -R /etc
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