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cluedump 37   17 years jbarnold Touched up documentation; moved cluedump info to its own dir
perl 261 bytes 121   16 years jbarnold fixed bugs in perl docs 98.5 KB 355   16 years jbarnold updated perl snapshot based on current scripts3
rpm 105 bytes 374   16 years andersk Add arch to the rpm list.
rpm_snapshot 25.4 KB 545   15 years andersk Update rpm_snapshot from better-mousetrap.
adding-static-exts 228 bytes 619   15 years andersk Document how to add static extensions per geofft's request
kernel-build-howto 1.7 KB 630   15 years andersk I found this lying around.
install-howto 2.7 KB 788   15 years geofft More install instructions, and Makefile fixes from myself and Quentin.
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