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It's wrong to assume that the address is valid. Further, for activity lockers, if it is valid, it may well be a large or poorly-maintained list with addresses that will bounce and cause a mail loop (since the bounces will go back to Instead, set up the default procmailrc to direct mail for to the user who signed the locker up for mail_scripts, and notify them that this is the default so they know to adjust it.
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3attach scripts
4. /mit/scripts/bin$scriptsdev/signup-minimal
6if [ ! -d "/mit/$lname/mail_scripts/" ]; then
7  mkdir -p /mit/$lname/mail_scripts
8  fs sa /mit/$lname/mail_scripts system:anyuser l
9  fs sa /mit/$lname/mail_scripts system:authuser none
10  fs sa /mit/$lname/mail_scripts daemon.scripts read
11  signupuser=`echo "$principal" | sed 's/@.*$//'`
12  sed /SCRIPTS_USER/s//$signupuser/ /mit/scripts/bin/procmailrc > /mit/$lname/mail_scripts/procmailrc
13  echo "By default, mail sent to $ will be forwarded to"
14  echo "$  You should edit /mit/$lname/mail_scripts/procmailrc"
15  echo "to change this and customize your procmail configuration."
16  success "the mail script service" "The directory /mit/$lname/mail_scripts has been created."
18  success "the mail script service" "The directory /mit/$lname/mail_scripts already exists."
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