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Make procmail and cron try harder to actually mail the signup user At present, we try to set up the initial crontab or procmailrc to send mail to the user who signed a locker up for the cron or mail service by stripping off the @REALM from the Kerberos principal. We need to also strip non-null instances off to get the username. (If you're doing signups for lockers using machine or service principals, you ought to be able to fend for yourself.)
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3attach -q scripts
4. /mit/scripts/bin$scriptsdev/signup-minimal
6if [ ! -d "/mit/$lname/mail_scripts/" ]; then
7  mkdir -p /mit/$lname/mail_scripts
8  fs sa /mit/$lname/mail_scripts system:anyuser l
9  fs sa /mit/$lname/mail_scripts system:authuser none
10  fs sa /mit/$lname/mail_scripts daemon.scripts read
11  signupuser=`echo "$principal" | sed 's/[/@].*$//'`
12  sed /SCRIPTS_USER/s//$signupuser/ /mit/scripts/bin/procmailrc > /mit/$lname/mail_scripts/procmailrc
13  echo "By default, mail sent to $ will be forwarded to"
14  echo "$  You should edit /mit/$lname/mail_scripts/procmailrc"
15  echo "to change this and customize your procmail configuration."
16  success "the mail script service" "The directory /mit/$lname/mail_scripts has been created."
18  success "the mail script service" "The directory /mit/$lname/mail_scripts already exists."
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