source: branches/fc20-dev/server/common/oursrc @ 2559

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
accountadm 2525   9 years achernya Modernize spec files for F20
athrun 1693   13 years ezyang Merge Fedora 13 development back to trunk.
discuss 1865   12 years mitchb New package discuss This is a repackaging of Debathena's ...
execsys 2076   12 years andersk Delete svn:mergeinfo from all active branches except at . and locker ...
fuse-better-mousetrapfs 2161   11 years ezyang Remove pointless race checking; kernel doesn't preserve old proc ...
hacron 1468   13 years gdb Fixed the exception type problem in this code; fixed up remove-servers.
hsparfind 2306   11 years ezyang Don't starve non-find commands, handle concurrent writes to file.
httpdmods 2435   10 years achernya Port httpdmods to httpd 2.4 mod_original_dst has very few changes; ...
logview 1894   12 years andersk logview: Simplify, fix spurious newlines, get rid of sketchy regexes
nss_nonlocal 2434   10 years achernya Merge r2402-r2433 from trunk to branches/fc19-dev
php_scripts 2246   11 years ezyang Reintegrate Fedora 17 development branch into trunk.
python-routefs 838   15 years andersk Package python-routefs.
scripts-base 923   14 years quentin Initial import of scripts-base package
scripts-munin-plugins 2362   10 years quentin Add makefile for scripts-munin-plugins
scripts-static-cat 2066   12 years achernya Merge branches/fc15-dev to trunk
scripts-wizard 1502   13 years mitchb Directory for scripts-wizard package Yes, it's empty. Yes, it's ...
sql-signup 2246   11 years ezyang Reintegrate Fedora 17 development branch into trunk.
tokensys 2530   9 years achernya Update docs to include suexec logging information
whoisd 2114   11 years achernya Make whoisd (hopefully) more reliable whoisd was systemd-ified for ...
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