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Start a separate subdirectory for Scripts LDAP To facilitate setting up a Scripts LDAP server, do the following: - create a scripts-ldap-base metapackage - move the LDAP documentation from server/ to ldap/
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2  files needed to set up a hypervisor (aka VM host)
5  files associated with the scripts Athena locker
8  files needed to set up a director (aka load balancer)
[2382]11  files needed to run a server (aka realserver)
14  files needed to run a ldap server (aka scripts-ldap)
16  ldap servers were previously run on realservers. However, 16-way MMR
17  turns out to be difficult to manage. By splitting the LDAP cluster
18  into its own servers, Scripts migrations across version boundaries
19  are easier since there is not a cutover period to two different
20  versions of LDAP in the pool. However, this is still true when
21  upgrading the LDAP cluster itself.
23  The LDAP cluster should be run on a variant of EL to reduce
24  maintenance burden.
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