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Update to krb5 1.10.2-11
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  • krb5.spec

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    2020Summary: The Kerberos network authentication system
    2121Name: krb5
    2222Version: 1.10.2
    23 Release: 11%{?dist}
     23Release: 11%{?dist}.scripts.%{scriptsversion}
    2424# Maybe we should explode from the now-available-to-everybody tarball instead?
    2626Source0: krb5-%{version}.tar.gz
    7676Patch112: krb5-1.10-CVE-2013-1416.patch
    7777Patch113: krb5-fast-msg_type.patch
     79Patch1000: krb5-kuserok-scripts.patch
    7981License: MIT
    8183Group: System Environment/Libraries
    133135%package libs
    134136Summary: The shared libraries used by Kerberos 5
    135137Group: System Environment/Libraries
     138Provides: scripts-krb5-libs, scripts-krb5-libs%{?_isa}
    137140%description libs
    138141Kerberos is a network authentication system. The krb5-libs package
    259262%patch111 -p1 -b .pkinit-agility
    260263%patch112 -p1 -b .CVE-2013-1416
    261264%patch113 -p1 -b .fast-msg_type
     265%patch1000 -p1 -b .kuserok
    262266rm src/lib/krb5/krb/deltat.c
    264268gzip doc/*.ps
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