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Disallow root keyboard-interactive logins
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2# Authentication modules
4# If their user exists (success),
5auth    [success=ignore ignore=ignore default=1] uid >= 0
6# print the "You don't have tickets" error:
7auth    [success=die ignore=reset default=die] file=/etc/
8# else print the "your account doesn't exist" error:
9auth    [success=die ignore=reset default=die] file=/etc/
11# Set environment variables:
12auth       required
13# Use Unix authentication and succeed immediately (sufficient):
14auth       sufficient try_first_pass
15# If they somehow slipped through, deny:
16auth       required
18account    required
19account    include      system-auth
20password   include      system-auth
21session    optional force revoke
22session    include      system-auth
23session    required
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