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2  Cnagios Commands
3  ----------------
4    u       display all host objects
5    d       display UNKNOWN and DOWN hosts
6    o       display all service objects
7    w       display UNKNOWN, PENDING, WARNING and CRITICAL services
8    c       display CRITICAL services
9    t       toggle between sort-by-age and sort-by-name (also s)
10    space   intelligent scroll
11    >       go to next page (also ^f)
12    <       go to previous page (also ^b)
13    0       go to first page
14    G       go to last page
15    =       set a text filter (also g) (use \n to clear)
16    !       set a negative text filter (also v) (use \n to clear)
17    a       set an age filter (use \n to clear)
18    A       set an age filter for UP/OK objects only (use \n to clear)
19    x       clear all filters
20    r       reread the status.log and refresh display (also ^l)
21    h       display (this) help screen (also ?)
22    q       quit (also ^d)
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