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Clean up pysvn kludge for svn 1.5 on scripts. Patch the package version number the same way we do for the other packages we build, set up the build system to know how to build it from the upstream source, and make the base metapackage depend on our build of it.
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  • pysvn.spec

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    33Name:           pysvn
    44Version:        1.6.2
    5 Release:        1%{dist}
     5Release:        1%{dist}.scripts.%{scriptsversion}
    66Summary:        Pythonic style bindings for Subversion
    77Group:          Development/Languages
    88License:        ASL 1.1
    1717BuildRequires:  neon-devel
    1818BuildRequires:  apr-devel
    1919BuildRequires:  openssl-devel
     20Provides:       scripts-pysvn
    2223Pythonic style bindings for Subversion
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